netWORKS 3 – Intelligent integrated water management solutions in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg

The operators of urban infrastructural systems for water supply and sewage disposal face great challenges due to climate change, rising energy costs and demographic change. At the same time, there are a number of novel systemic solutions which offer holistic problem-solving strategies. As a result of social and institutional barriers and complex decision-making processes between various solution strategies, these systemic solutions have yet to be implemented on a broad basis.

The goal of netWORKS 3 is to support municipalities and the water utilities with the organization of processes for the implementation of novel systemic solutions. For this purpose, the potentials and limits of an intelligent utilization and transformation of water infrastructures are assessed, so that municipalities will be able to decide rationally about the appropriate further development of such systems. In two model regions, innovative system solutions are being simulated, evaluated and implemented at the neighborhood level in order to prepare them for standard application.

View of the passive house with graywater recycling and prior energy recovery to be constructed in the Salvador-Allende-Straße, Frankfurt am Main, with graywater (Source: ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING).


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