KREIS – From disposal to supply: Linking renewable energy production with innovative urban wastewater drainage

By means of the innovative HAMBURG WATER Cycle concept, KREIS seeks to identify potentials for sustainable energy supply linked with innovative urban drainage concepts. The research project is to accompany the planning and installation of a decentralized sanitary system at the neighborhood level using innovative concepts of drainage and wastewater treatment, linked to the generation of renewable energy.

Principle of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle®: Separation of wastewater streams and the subsequent energy recovery

In a holistic approach, an energy supply and drainage concept is being developed, implemented and closely monitored. The goal is on the one hand to optimize and further develop innovative sanitary systems, while on the other to contribute to the identification of implementation strategies and procedural optimization by means of a comprehensive evaluation of the model project. Investigation of the economic viability and societal acceptance of the decentralized wastewater infrastructure system in the model area is to provide information about the realizability of similar concepts in other areas.


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